All WordPress Wednesday videos will be posted here once they have been published on YouTube.

Episode 1 - Introduction to WordPress & Building your first site

Episode 1 focuses primarily on what WordPress is and how it can be used. While I don’t show you how to do much, I believe this first video helps lay the foundation for all other WordPress Wednesday videos to come. 

Episode 2 - Page Builders

Page builders, Page builders, Pagebuilders. This week I discuss pagebuilders. What they are, why you want to use one, and how to use them… Oh year, I also show you a few different ones you can use. 

After all of that, I show you my favorite pagebuilder and how to use it!

Episode 3 - Themes

Themes! How can you make your site look a certain way? This week I go over the different options themes can provide you with. Although I don’t show you any specific themes, I do offer the main theme I use as an option.

Episode 4 - Plugins

Episode 5 - SEO

Episode 6 - Building an eCommerce Site

Episode 7 - Google Adsense

coming soon…

Keep checking back every wednesday at 4:00PM Eastern time for new videos!

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